¨Plant in your inner landscape the seeds of the world that you want to see¨

I learned that you can lose happiness but you can also recover it any point of the path. In fact, plenitude and wellbeing have nothing to do with who you are, what you owe or what you do.

I feel really grateful to myself, just to see the results of my inner job reflected in my current life. In my experience, we are full of emptiness, what we give is always what we receive and in order to harvest, first we have to plant the seeds.

Saban (Salvador Ribera Castelló) is graduate in kinesiology and physiatry, physical therapist, osteopath. He has been teaching for physical therapists at University of Balearic Islands and working in public hospitals for more than 15 years.

Passionate Lover of his family and daily life,  amateur performer of  new generation,s music and conscious interior design, deeply attracted by sensorial wishperings of mother earth, nowadays he is teaching mindfulness and myofascial release workshops in academic and aternative centers and performing holistic healing retreats and individual consulting in different health centers.


¨Everything is connected and Love is the energy that brings us together ¨

Life is pure magic. It,s all arround, in cotidian little acts, on those who appear in our lives and stay and those who cross in our path and leave a mark. It,s behind the sincere smile, the awakening of a flower or the transience of the colors of a warm sunset.

Nothing is casual, everything happens on it,s perfect moment and pieces effortlessly fit together. Connections with other humans and nature, with other cultures and realities, provide sense to an existence beyond the frontiers of the self. Everything is connected and Love is the energy that brings us together.

I am really grateful for the hard experiences happening in my life. the fact of going through them brought me back to my essence, made me aware of my strength and my ability to value what it is and to transform myself.

Catalina Rubio López (Cata) is graduated in Physical Therapy, specialized in pelvic floor health care, low pressure technics, postural technics, pre and post natal yoga and functional pilates.

For 9 years, she has been working in hospitals and public places attending disabled patients. Nowadays, she is working in many different health centers in Mallorca performing group and individual sessions mostly related to pelvic floor treatments and prevention.


Made with love


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